What I Read In January and February 2020

Hi everyone! How are you all?

I really hope you all are safe and staying in. If you get too anxious, just breathe and pray. Let’s hope this too shall pass.

Was there ever a time I used to post monthly wrap-ups on time? I certainly can’t recall. As far as 2020 goes, it completely slipped my mind to post a reading wrap-up of the first two months. Yeah, I know that doesn’t paint me in a good light. Anyways, I am quite happy with the amount of books, and the kind of books I have been reading so far this year. Of course, I’m blissfully ignoring the list of books I need to read for college, but I am making a lot of progress with my physical TBR books.

January Reads

Art Matters by Neil Gaiman

I started my year with a re-read. Art Matters by Neil Gaiman is a treat and an inspiration for readers, writers and all kinds of artists around the world. It is the kick in the back and the spark of encouragement you need to get back to creating your art. It also gives us the much-needed reminder of how valuable and resourceful libraries are. This is a book I would recommend to everyone, whether you are a writer, painter or someone who wants to try their hand at any art form but they are holding themselves back. Imagine and create because art matters.

Rating- 5/5

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10 New Adult College Romance Book Recommendations

Hi everyone! How are you all?

As promised, here’s the second part to my romance recommendations list. You can check out the first part here – 10 Romance Book Recommendations

Disclaimer: I have not given a detailed description of my thoughts on these books. The reason is that most of these books are fast-paced fun reads that are enjoyable but not memorable and so, I don’t have much to say. A lot of books of this genre are cheesy and don’t have a very unique plot either. However, I think as long as the story is executed well and the writing is good, they are worth reading. All the books mentioned here are some of the better NA books I have read so far. I have also given their Goodreads blurb so you can read that also and decide if you want to pick any of these!

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All 100 Books I Read In 2019!

Hi everyone! How are you all?

Back in 2017, I made a post called All The Books I Read in 2017. It was not only a fun end-of-the-year post to do, it was also nice to have a record on my blog of all the books I read in that year. I really wanted to do this for 2019 as well so here it is! I have listed the books according to the month I read them in.

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7 Amazing Books I Read Recently

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

I have been very inconsistent with posting for many months now. There is no excuse other than that life got busy and I lost motivation to write. Since its summer vacation now, I’m trying to get back to posting on my blog and bookstagram.

Since I haven’t done a monthly wrap-up recently, I decided to make a post of the best books I’ve read so far this year.

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My Favorite Books Of 2018

The best books I read this year!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year and I wish you all a great year 🙂

Do you all remember me? Its been months now that I’ve been very inconsistent with posting. I started college in August (studying English Literature :D) and life has become very hectic since then. I still need to figure out how to keep up with blogging and bookstagramming.

Here are my most memorable reads from 2018 in no particular order.

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8 Easy Classics To Start With

Hey everyone! How are you all?

Underrated Books

I’ve seen a lot of readers say that they don’t like classics. They find them boring and difficult to read which is completely okay. I admit that classics or basically any book can be boring for them and interesting for others. However, I do feel like sometimes readers want to start with or like classics but they don’t know how to. My recommendation is to start with the ones that are most simply written and this post is about that.

Please note that I am no expert on classics and I’m not claiming to be. This list is just recommendations among the ones I have read. Feel free to add some suggestions of your own in the comments.   Continue reading “8 Easy Classics To Start With”

Stacking the Shelves #4 ||May-July Book Haul

Hi everyone! How are you all?

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not actively posting here. I didn’t plan on falling into a blogging slump especially at a time when I do have time to write and post. Anyways, the reason is that I have just started college and things have been busy and stressful and I’ve also been very busy. But I plan to let go of all that and focus on being productive.

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Stacking the Shelves #3 ||First 2018 Book Haul (Jan-April)

Hi everyone! A book haul on this blog is long overdue. So today I’m sharing with you the books I acquired in the last few months.

Books I Read This Month

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